Online Cloud BackupTop Speed Online Backup offers one of the most comprehensive data protection platforms available for SMBs with an online backup solution and disaster recovery service for both physical and virtual environments. Our enterprise-grade online platform is designed and priced for the SMBs.An online backup solution provides an easy and an instant way to restore critical data in the event of hard drive crashes, power surges, dropped or stolen laptops, accidental deletes, and natural disasters and also offers the advantage of securely storing files and the flexibility of restoring them whenever needed.Using Vembu StoreGrid software we can efficiently backup desktops or servers including applications like SQL and Exchange and securely replicate them to off-site or remote locations. Not only can Top Speed backup both physical and virtual machines, but it also offer rapid disaster recovery in Hyper-V, VMware and XenServer environments, using their latest APIs. Top Speed offers an innovative online backup service bundled with the features not found in many online backup solutions.

Custom Backup Schedule

Complete control over the backup schedule and files being backed up. The backup software provides a complete set of enterprise backup features you control.

Free Local Backup

With your license subscription you are able to add local backups to an external drive, network drive, etc. This allows you to create a custom backup schedule to allow for fast and complete disaster recovery.

Pay As You Grow

Our simple storage pricing structure grows with you. You are billed in blocks of 50GB for the storage you use. As your storage usage increases your billing is automatically increased.

Web Interface

An easy web interface for you to manage all your backups. Both the local and remote interfaces are simple web based views to manage your backups.

Lightning Fast

Our backup software is optimized to allow for maximum transfer speeds. The software on your local computer handles all the encryption and compression to make data transfers scream.

Advanced Plugins

Advanced plugins allow you to integrate into your server software for granular backups. Exchange, MSSQL, Sharepoint, and Bare Metal plugins are available along with advanced virtual server options.

Self ManagedCompletely self-managed backup account
Server I
Expandable Disk Space
FREE Local Backups
Strong Encryption
Built-In Compression
$1 Account Verification
$1 Signup Order now
Assisted SetupOur Technicians will take care of the initial set up
Server I
Expandable Disk Space
FREE Local Backups
Strong Encryption
Built-In Compression
$50 Initial Configuration
$50 Signup Order now
Fully ManagedWe will manage and monitor all your backups
Server I
Expandable Disk Space
FREE Local Backups
Strong Encryption
Built-In Compression
Fully Managed Configuration
Pricing Varies Contact Us!

Microsoft Exchange Backup and Recovery

Top Speed Online Cloud Backup provides full support for Microsoft Exchange and delivers rapid granular recovery of information stores, specific user mailboxes, email messages, shared folders from point-in-time Exchange backups. Top Speed Exchange Server Backup gives you the ability to be ready and worry-free when disaster strikes, whatever the cause at a price and performance point that is attractive to SMBs.

Microsoft Exchange Backup Key Features

  • Supports fast backup and rapid recovery of Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010
  • Backup mailboxes or public folders or entire information store or sub folders
  • Support near continuous data protection by backing up Exchange transaction logs
  • Supports multiple options to recovery mailbox, single mail message or entire information store
  • Schedule full and incremental exchange backups using easy-to-use management console
  • Delivers Bare metal restore when combined with the Disk Backup Plug-in

Top Speed Virtual Backup and Recovery Solutions

Top Speed offers complete protection for Virtual Environments by providing a platform to SMB IT Managers a reliable and an affordable backup and disaster recovery strategy in a virtual environment. Top Speed Virtual Backup comes up with one of the fastest Backup and Recovery solutions of live systems running either in Physical environment or Virtual environment including VMware VCenter, ESXi, ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer, hence saving your time and ensuring no or comparatively lesser downtime of critical systems.

Backup VMWare vSphere, ESX and ESXi - Top Speed Backup powered by StoreGrid provides an agentless, image level backup of Virtual Machines available under ESX/ESXi/VCenter using a VMWare Plugin. The plugin uses VMWare API's to backup the selected Guest OSes and then upload it to the backup server. The client can be installed on any machine to backup the Virtual Machines. It can restore the virtual machine including the virtual machine's state and the data including all the files that make-up the virtual machine, including disks, memory, and other devices, such as virtual network interface cards.

Backup Hyper-V Servers - Top Speed's StoreGrid client installed on a Hyper-V Host Server can backup the VMs running on it using the Microsoft VSS to make sure the VMs are in a consistent state before backing up. The backup software backs up only the changed data in the VMs during incremental backup. Top Speed can backup the data directly to the remote backup server without requiring a temporary storage space in the Hyper-V server that is backed up.

Backup Citrix Xenserver - Top Speed's StoreGrid backup client implements backups at the hypervisor level, creating image snapshots of each virtual machine in the Citrix Xenserver. This allows a fast restore of full virtual machines to the original virtualization server or to another Xen machine. Top Speeds’s Xenserver backup provides an automated way to directly stream snapshots to the backup server without creating a local dump or a local copy.

Microsoft SharePoint Server Backup and Restore

Collaboration tools like Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server are now commonplace in most companies. As a business grade Online Backup Service Provider, we now offer enterprise-class backup and recovery solutions for Microsoft SharePoint using StoreGrid's Sharepoint Plugin. With the StoreGrid SharePoint plugin, you can backup and restore Microsoft SharePoint server data from the same intuitive console and the same backups servers and storage that are used for handling regular Top Speed Online Backups.

Microsoft SharePoint Backup Key Features

  • Backup an entire site collection or a specific site inside a site collection
  • Backup a list or document libraries or even a folder inside a document library
  • Restore site collections, individual sites, or an individual documents in minutes
  • Restore SharePoint objects directly from a backup and avoids using a SharePoint recovery farm or rebuilding your entire production database
  • Search and restore any documents from any version

Top Speed SharePoint backup supports a site-collection level backup of SharePoint versions Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010. The backup client uses the internal SharePoint utility (STSADM.EXE, offering a full fidelity backup) to take backup of the entire SharePoint site-collection(s) and then transfer it to the backup server. During an incremental backup, only the modified content since the previous full backup is transferred to the backup server.

Our servers are owned and operated out of Nevada. We do not simply resell a service that runs in some random data center somewhere in the US or another country. All of our backup servers are purpose built using premium SuperMicro servers and Intel Xeon processors and enterprise RAID hard drives to handle the 24x7 processing load of hosting needs.
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