Dedicated servers

Custom configuration, no messing around, amazing features and great performance is just around the corner...

FeatherweightIntel Atom Servers
Featherweight Intel Atom Dedicated Server
Atom 2 Core 1.6GHz+
500 GB Hard Drive
600 GB Traffic
$ 69.99 Order now
LightweightThe most popular
Lightweight Intel Xeon E3 Dedicated Server
E3-1200v3 4 Core 3.1GHz
1 TB Hard Drive
1 TB Traffic
$ 169.99 Order now
MiddleweightProfessionals choice
Middleweight Intel Xeon E5 Dedicated Server
E5-2600 6 Core 2.4GHz
1 TB RAID 1 Hard Drives
2 TB Traffic
$ 299.99 Order now
HeavyweightFor fanatics
Heavyweight Dual Intel Xeon E5 Dedicated Server
Dual E5-2600 6 Core 2.4GHz
1 TB RAID 1 Hard Drives
5 TB Traffic
$ 399.99 Order now

Why use Dedicated Server Hosting?Dedicated Server Hosting is ideal for businesses or advanced users who run high traffic websites or need complete freedom.

Full Root or Administrator

You have complete control over your dedicated server. We won't limit you to any specific features or lock down your user. 100% access to root or adminsitrator is given.

Control panel options

Your choice of control panel or none at all! This is your server, you have the freedom to manage it however you'd like. Whether you prefer cPanel/WHM, Plesk, or no control panel at all.


Each server is customized to your specifications. We will never rubber stamp and stock only certain servers. If you need to start small and grow in the future we can plan your server build to allow those upgrades to easily be added in the future.

Server Grade Hardware

We only use server grade hardware in our dedicated servers. All hard drives, processors, and memory are made for the 24x7 use of a hosting server.

IPMI Control

IPMI access gives you low level control over every aspect of your server. Easily power off, power on, or get direct console access to manage anything you need.

E-Mail, FTP, Databases...

Host what you want how you want on your server. Install any application you need when you need. As long as it abides by local laws and copyrights there are no restrictions on what you're permitted to do.

Compare Dedicated Hosting PlansCompare major features of our Dedicated Server Hosting.

Featherweight Lightweight Middleweight Heavyweight
CPU Resources Intel Atom Intel E3 Intel E5 Dual Intel E5
Memory 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB 32 GB
Disk 500 GB 1 TB 1 TB RAID 1 1 TB RAID 1
RAID Optional Optional YES YES
Bandwidth 600 GB 1000 GB 2000 GB 5000 GB
24x7 Support Email Email Email Email
Monthly $ 69.99 $ 169.99 $ 299.99 $ 399.99
All Dedicated Servers are new and built to order.
Our Dedicated Servers are deployed in our Reno, Nevada datacenter.
We support Buy Local and will keep your money in Nevada.
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