6 Apps Kids Are Using That Parents Need to Know About Featured


    • Looks like a calculator, but don't be fooled, this and other "calculators" like it are apps used to hide pictures.
    • To access the secret photos in this app you need to type "." (period) then the 4 digit code setup by the user and another "." (period".
    • There is also a paid version of this app with additional features.



    • Wishbone is an app marketed as a way to compare any two things against each other.

    • In the cases of cyberbullying this app is used to compared one person to another.

    • The idea of these shoes or these shoes with this dress changes dramatically when a user instead asks who is uglier between two classmates.

After School

    • Marketed as a "Funny anonymous school news for confessions & complements".

    • After downloading app the first thing your teen does is specify their school. The app uses their contacts or school ID to verify them.

    • Once verified they begin posting anonymously. Cyberbullying and gossip are what the app considers "news". 



Yellow renamed Yubo

    • Any app that is a geo-locator is just going to be bad news for your kids.

    • Yellow / Yubo has been called "Tinder for teens". Swipe right to connect, swipe left to move on.

    • The images included have been described as "watching an MTV beach party from the 1990s".

    • This app has been used for bullying by users creating fake profiles using real classmates names.


    • This app has been linked to some of the most vicious Cyberbullying cases.

    • A quick Google search will give you plenty of examples:

      • "go cut ur self n die"

    • "Do you try and look ugly..."

    • Being anonymous is allowed in the app, although there are often abbreviations used to identify others from your same school.

 Here you see a child giving away where they live to some unknown person. How much information are you comfortable with your child giving to strangers?



    • Snapchat is a social platform originally developed by two college students who wanted another way to sext.

    • Do you need another reason to keep your teens and tweens off of Snapchat?

    • If you do then there's now "Cosmo After Dark" described by Snapchat as "an X-rated weekly edition that goes live every Friday at 6 p.m. and is exclusively dedicated to all things hot and horny".


For more information about Snapchat's new channel or the limited parental controls available in SnapChat read the Protect Young Eyes article.



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