Dedicated servers

Custom configuration, no messing around, amazing features and great performance is just around the corner...

FeatherweightIntel Atom Servers
Featherweight Intel Atom Dedicated Server
Atom 2 Core 1.6GHz+
500 GB Hard Drive
600 GB Traffic
$ 69.99 Order now
LightweightThe most popular
Lightweight Intel Xeon E3 Dedicated Server
E3-1200v3 4 Core 3.1GHz
1 TB Hard Drive
1 TB Traffic
$ 169.99 Order now
MiddleweightProfessionals choice
Middleweight Intel Xeon E5 Dedicated Server
E5-2600 6 Core 2.4GHz
1 TB RAID 1 Hard Drives
2 TB Traffic
$ 299.99 Order now
HeavyweightFor fanatics
Heavyweight Dual Intel Xeon E5 Dedicated Server
Dual E5-2600 6 Core 2.4GHz
1 TB RAID 1 Hard Drives
5 TB Traffic
$ 399.99 Order now


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Subpoena Policy


Top Speed, LLC's terms of service prohibit the disclosure of customer information without the customer's express written consent except as required by law - to comply with judicial proceedings, court orders, subpoenas or other legal processes served on Top Speed, LLC. If you require information regarding a Top Speed, LLC customer you must serve a valid subpoena on Top Speed, LLC.

The contents of websites terminated for nonpayment or terminated by customer request are permanently and irrevocably deleted shortly after termination of the account, typically within 30 days of account termination, and as such can no longer be recovered.

Top Speed, LLC will provide only such information as required or permitted by law. Pursuant to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 USC 2701 et, seq., Top Speed, LLC is prohibited from providing the contents of e-mails or other electronic communications except under very limited circumstances, even in response to a valid subpoena or court order.

Top Speed, LLC does not retain copies of deleted or sent e-mails or e-mail logs. Top Speed, LLC does not have access to electronic communications which are downloaded to the customer's computer. 


Civil Subpoenas

Top Speed, LLC reserves the right to notify its customer prior to responding to a civil subpoena, and to delay compliance for up to ten days in order to allow its customer to move to quash the subpoena, except in an emergency or where otherwise required by law. Top Speed, LLC will comply with civil subpoenas only upon payment of its expenses, as follows:

  • Research: $150 /hour
  • Copies: $.50 /page
  • Compact Disc: $10 /CD
  • Other Costs: As billed


Service Address:

Top Speed, LLC Legal Department 8755 Technology Way, Suite J Reno, NV 89521 USA

Contact us

Phone: (775) 852-1811

Toll Free: (866) 511-1331

Fax: (775) 852-1844


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800 South Meadows Parkway

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